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Well Performance Analysis

About this Service

Service Description

EPT International uses an analysis of production well performance, technical constraints and optimal well performance potential. Our well performance analysis service will recommend conceptual well designs based on nodal analysis of the reservoir contribution and optimal vertical lift performance founded on economical optimization.

Analyzing production data can give excellent insight into the operating performance of a well from the reservoir through to the wellhead. Skilled well performance analysis will indicate whether the reservoir delivery to the well bore is being restricted by some form of damage. If this is the case, we can determine the type of damage and whether the well bore itself is causing a restriction. If reservoir stimulation has been conducted, the potential exists for an existing completion to become a restriction. Under those circumstances well performance analysis techniques can again be applied to avoid this potential loss of cash flow.

Optimizing inflow performance from the reservoir to the well bore and providing an optimal completion to the surface is our primary goal. This result can deliver large-scale savings that are compounded over the remaining life of the well.

Shale Gas Well Performance Analysis Data
Well Performance Optimization
Rate Normalized Pressure Build Up Analysis

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Our services include:

  • Gap analysis
    • Inflow performance
    • Vertical flow performance
  • Hydraulic fracture treatment analysis
  • Pressure transient analysis
  • Production data analysis
  • Artificial lift design
    • Mechanical lift
    • Gas lift

Service Applications

Conventional and Unconventional: Data analysis and report development, in-house data analysis, in-house consulting, and production optimization.

Based in Houston, TX, our consulting services are available worldwide by request. Specializing in production optimization, our services range from data analysis to oilfield supervision. With extensive experience with service providers and operators around the world, and understanding the importance of optimized operations at economical prices, our focus is on safely achieving a customer’s goals at an affordable rate. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us now.

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