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Matrix Stimulation and Execution

About this Service

Service Description

Hydraulic fracturing is not always the most suitable solution to near well bore damage or production optimization. EPT International is highly proficient at recommending, designing and executing matrix stimulation treatments. Our treatments are tailored to your specifics and will ultimately improve the connectivity between the reservoir and the well bore.

When hydraulic fracturing is not the most economically feasible solution to production enhancement, an alternative matrix stimulation solution must be found that offers the benefits of production enhancement. This can occur in some cases such as unconsolidated sands, reservoirs bound by unfavorable stress conditions, or simply area specific logistical constraints.

EPT International can utilize their broad knowledge base to understand and recommend an appropriate stimulation treatment for your reservoir. Further, through competent design, field execution and supervision and post job analysis we can help an operator realize their reservoirs full potential through enhanced design and execution.

Acid Matrix Stimulation Top View, Wormhole Structure from McDuff et al.
Acid Matrix Stimulation Side View, Wormhole Structure from McDuff et al.
Wormhole Efficiency Curve from Abou-Sayed et al.

Request Matrix Stimulation and Execution Services

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Our Services Include:

  • Conceptual design
  • Matrix stimulation technique proposal
  • Optimized treatment designs, and injection schedules
  • Well-site supervision
    • Quality control and assurance
    • Real-time assessment of the skin evolution and treatment effectiveness
    • Detailed reports of field operations and results
  • Post-job evaluation and analysis of injection results

Service Applications

Conventional and Unconventional: Data analysis and report development, in-house data analysis, in-house consulting, field development planning, stimulation treatment design, production optimization, production enhancement, and upstream oil field service supervision.

Based in Houston, TX, our consulting services are available worldwide by request. Specializing in production optimization, our services range from data analysis to oilfield supervision. With extensive experience with service providers and operators around the world, and understanding the importance of optimized operations at economical prices, our focus is on safely achieving a customer’s goals at an affordable rate. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us now.

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