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Hydraulic Fracturing Design and Execution

About this Service

Service Description

Having built our reputation on Hydraulic Fracturing and its use on production optimization, EPT International will bring decades of knowledge to bear on your conventional or unconventional projects, thus ensuring that optimal fractures are designed to suit your reservoir characterization.Through the use of Unified Fracture Design theory, introduced by Mr. Oligney and Professors Valko and Economides in 2002, any reservoir shape and permeability can have an optimal hydraulic fracture geometry designed for any volume of proppant. This concept introduces the dimensionless Proppant Number and its role in unveiling the optimal design for a fracture of any volume in any reservoir.

EPT International employees have spent plenty of time in the field. Having several personnel with extensive experience in onsite fracture execution supervision, real time pressure matching analysis and quality control of fluids and proppant, you can be sure that what the pumping provider tells you went down hole will be thoroughly checked by us on location in real time.

Through the fundamental understanding of fracture performance and its relationship with the reservoir, proper planning in the early stages of development combined with accurate and efficient execution of the fracture job, can provide significant savings on the job execution together with optimal recovery of your reserves.

Conceptual Hydraulic Fracture Design-Drilling Implication
Hydraulic Fracture Execution-Santos Australia from Jukes
Production and Recovery Acceleration

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Our Hydraulic Fracturing Design and Execution service is available now. For more information, contact us.

Our Services Include:

  • Conceptual design
  • Design, implementation, and analysis of fracture calibration tests (FCT)
  • Optimized fracture designs, and injection schedules
  • Well-site supervision
    • Quality control and assurance
    • Real-time evaluation and pressure matching
    • Detailed reports of field operations and results
  • Post-job evaluation and analysis of injection results

Service Applications

Conventional and Unconventional: Data analysis and report development, in-house data analysis, in-house consulting, field development planning, stimulation treatment design, production optimization, production enhancement, and upstream oil field service supervision.

Based in Houston, TX, our consulting services are available worldwide by request. Specializing in production optimization, our services range from data analysis to oilfield supervision. With extensive experience with service providers and operators around the world, and understanding the importance of optimized operations at economical prices, our focus is on safely achieving a customer’s goals at an affordable rate. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us now.

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