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Drilling Design Optimization

About this Service

Service Description

EPT International offers full engineering services for your conventional and unconventional drilling operations including understanding any shortcomings in previous well designs before providing detailed recommendation on future drilling designs, programs or campaigns.

Placing safety as the highest priority, the ability to accurately understand and characterize a reservoir then provide rapid and economic drilling recommendations early in the development life of a reservoir allows systematic and comprehensive recovery of reserves.

Through proper well bore, well spacing, and completion design, our engineers will be able to execute development plans that ultimately help deliver the highest profits for your operating company.

Drill Bit Optimization, Asymmetric Configurations
Drilling Design Optimization, Reduction of Drilling Time
Drill Bit Optimization, Hydraulics

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Our Drilling Design Optimization service is available now. For more information, contact us.

Our services include:

  • Previous well history match
    • Vertical Well
    • Directional Well
    • Drilling optimization for new wells
      • Drill bit selection
      • Drilling fluid selection and design
      • Casing Design

Service Applications

Conventional and Unconventional: Data analysis and report development, in-house data analysis, in-house consulting, field development planning, and upstream oil field service supervision.

Based in Houston, TX, our consulting services are available worldwide by request. Specializing in production optimization, our services range from data analysis to oilfield supervision. With extensive experience with service providers and operators around the world, and understanding the importance of optimized operations at economical prices, our focus is on safely achieving a customer’s goals at an affordable rate. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us now.

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