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Whether it is training, design, execution or analysis, EPT International will provide professional oil and gas consulting services safely, on time and on budget. Our team of professionals is highly qualified at delivering a polished product that has never failed to satisfy. Proficient in both conventional and unconventional plays, our consulting services range from production data analysis through production enhancement/optimization, to onsite oil field supervision services for hydraulic fracturing, drilling and workover jobs.

Offering a high caliber team of experts to deploy onto any project, EPT International can bring swift project resolution or critical information to your desktop. EPT International engineers have a proven track record throughout years of experience working with international operators, national oil companies, services companies, institutions and governments.

With frequent and relevant publication spanning many decades on the topics of overarching production optimization, EPT International has a wealth of intellectual capital that it shares with many companies and will happily share with yours. From the latest well testing analysis techniques, to recent case studies of a vast range of operating reservoirs, to the rigorously verified application of economic models and the introduction of ground breaking fracture design methodology, we can inject relevant knowledge where needed in a timely fashion that will positively impact your bottom line.

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Oil and Gas Consulting Services

Well Production Optimization

We match appropriate drilling, fracturing and drainage patterns to your reservoir characterization and fluid properties, significantly optimizing ultimate recovery.
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Production Enhancement

We implement production enhancement techniques to provide optimized inflow performance from the reservoir to the well bore resulting in increased hydrocarbon recovery.
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Well Performance Analysis

We will optimize inflow performance from the reservoir to the well bore providing optimal completion designs delivering large-scale savings compounding over the well life.
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Drilling Design Optimization

Offering proper well bore, well spacing, and completion design, our engineers will be able to recommend and implement development plans that deliver the highest profits.
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Based in Houston, TX, our oil and gas consulting services are available worldwide by request. Specializing in production optimization, our services range from data analysis to oilfield supervision. With extensive experience with service providers and operators around the world, and understanding the importance of optimized operations at economical prices, our focus is on safely achieving a customer’s goals at an affordable rate. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us now.

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