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Bridge Gas Technology – A New Solution for Natural Gas Transportation

About Bridge Gas Technology

The Stranded Gas Problem

With vast reserves of natural gas around the world, there remains huge potential in developing the natural gas that is currently deemed stranded. Stranded Gas is gas that we are unable to produce or are unable to market due to existing logistical or economic constraints. Where there is oil production in remote locations – such as offshore platforms – and the associated gas that is produced together with the oil is not in sufficient quantities to justify the huge investment of a pipeline or LNG facility, the gas is flared or re-injected and ultimately has little to no value – often even a negative value – to cash flow. With volumes of associated gas produced offshore estimated at upwards of 300 Tcf, there exists a great opportunity to reduce harmful emissions from flaring unusable gas, supplying cleaner energy to isolated energy users currently dependent on liquid fuels, providing an economic energy source to remote locations and ultimately capitalizing on transporting stranded gas to market.

Bridge Gas Technology Benefits
The Vast Potential of Stranded Gas
International CNG Opportunity Zones

Venture Description

The concept of transporting natural gas via CNG vessels has a long history. For the past decade, numerous companies have tried to find natural gas transportation projects using dedicated vessels. As part of the EPT International consortium of companies, Bridge Gas is an expert at identifying opportunities and utilizing our engineering models to design a robust execution plan. With over a decade of research into this field of natural gas development technology and numerous articles published on the subject, we are now the industry go-to-people to discuss solutions to logistical and economical barriers that do not need to exist. Offering a flexible, clean and cheap alternative to flaring or re-injecting unwanted hydrocarbons, Bridge Gas can begin working with you today to profit from your stranded gas development future. The time for Sea-going CNG is at hand.

Additional Information

Bridge Gas Technology was the brain child of the Professor Michael J. Economides, and Alexander M. Economides of EPT International in concert with Capt. Eugen-Henning Adami, of Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd. Several studies and publications have been assembled over the past decade, highlighting the economic benefit of new monetization and transportation methods for natural gas. This group has also participated in tenders and worked continuously to move the CNG concept forward into reality. At this time, Bridge Gas Technology is a working name for a future venture involving numerous companies, financiers, and governments.

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