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Integrated Reservoir Characterization

About this Unit

Unit Description

Reservoir characterization is one of the most important first steps undertaken in field development. Understanding how to correctly interpret input data and develop a representative geologic model is of utmost importance. For conventional reservoirs, much work has been done over many decades in developing the required knowledge that will achieve this. This unit takes the most applicable industry practices and presents them in a practical manner that will allow engineers apply these techniques to competently characterize most conventional reservoirs.

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Unit content:

Input data

Seismic delineation
Seismic attributes
Log interpretation
Core analysis

Geologic model
Natural fractures
Flow units
Principal stress directions
Young’s Modulus
Poisson ratio
Fracture gradient
Pore pressure
Fluid saturations

The IPO series of courses are jointly developed by EPT International and iSSi (i-Stimulation Solutions, Inc.). The primary instructors for these courses are Professor Christine Ehlig-Economides and Dr. Ibrahim S. Abou-Sayed. These oil and gas courses are taught here in Houston, TX at our main office with regular frequency, and by request, on location almost anywhere in the world. Please check our calendar for any course updates, or contact us for further information about scheduling. Please note, our course materials are updated frequently based on industry developments and can easily be adapted to suit your specific needs or required topics.

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