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Shale – Optimization

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Unit Description

Closing the loop in the Integrated Production Optimization course series is the Optimization unit for IPO-Shale. Utilizing the well performance evaluation, optimal completion designs, surface facility designs and identifying production constraints early in the development of a field will translate into significant savings through potential equipment and design uniformity and allow a more thorough optimization to the field development plan. Incorporating all of the IPO units to deliver optimal production is the key to unlocking the greatest amount of reserves and early implementation will result in a very attractive asset. The Optimization unit for IPO-Shale considers maximizing production and increasing recovery in shale formations. This step must consider production and facility constraints, gap analysis, and artificial lift in shale formations for maximum productivity.

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Unit content:

Production constraints

Drawdown management
Interwell flow

Facilities constraints

Production tubing
Surface separation
Associated gas handling

Well performance gap analysis

Inflow performance
Vertical flow performance

Artificial lift

Gas lift

The IPO series of courses are jointly developed by EPT International and iSSi (i-Stimulation Solutions, Inc.). The primary instructors for these courses are Professor Christine Ehlig-Economides and Dr. Ibrahim S. Abou-Sayed. These oil and gas courses are taught here in Houston, TX at our main office with regular frequency, and by request, on location almost anywhere in the world. Please check our calendar for any course updates, or contact us for further information about scheduling. Please note, our course materials are updated frequently based on industry developments and can easily be adapted to suit your specific needs or required topics.

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