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Shale – Conceptual Hydraulic Fracture Design

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Unit Description

The combination of appropriate completion design and well spacing in the early stages of field development planning are paramount to a successful development execution. Aimed specifically at fracturing shales, the IPO-Shale conceptual hydraulic fracture design unit considers the shale formation rock and fluid properties to optimize the Stimulated Rock Volume (SRV) for improved recovery. Proppant and fluid selections with an engineered injection schedule tailored to a shale reservoir will result in successful stimulation.

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Unit content:

Rationale for hydraulic fractures
Fracture height containment prediction
Conceptual Design

Fracture fluids
Proppant selection
Drainage strategy

Fracture Calibration Test
Step rate tests
Minifrac analysis
Injection-falloff transient
Fracture breakdown pressure
Closure stress magnitude
Leakoff coefficient
Fracture extent
Formation permeability
Unified Fracture Design

Optimum fracture sizing
Material balance based injection schedule
Injection pressure prediction and consequence

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