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Hydraulic Fracturing

About this Course

Course Description

This course introduces the fundamentals of hydraulic fracturing and basic rock mechanics topics. The main objective of the course is to introduce hydraulic fracturing as a stimulation technique to enhance production. It emphasizes general topics on theory, reservoir and production engineering, and field operations involved with hydraulic fracturing. It includes discussions on the importance of fracturing, identification of reservoir candidates for fracturing, basic fracture design approach, fracture fluids and proppants selection, and pre and post fracture tests.

Course Schedule

The Hydraulic Fracturing course is coming soon. For registration and more information, contact us.

Course content:

  • Introduction to hydraulic fracturing
  • Important reservoir properties that affect fracture design
  • Rock mechanical characteristics
  • Stress and stress distribution
  • Fracture propagation models
  • Importance, design and analysis of fracture calibration tests
  • Rheology of fracturing fluids
  • Proppants and fracture conductivity
  • Fracture design optimization for different reservoir types
  • Execution of hydraulic fracturing treatment
  • Multistage fracturing and isolation methods
  • Pressure matching and interpretation
  • Acid fracturing
  • Horizontal well fracturing
  • Shale treatment design and evaluation

Who Should Take this Course:

Production, reservoir, and stimulation engineers, field supervisors and anyone who desires to learn the fundamentals of hydraulic fracturing.


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