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With oil and gas courses including Integrated Production Optimization, Hydraulic Fracturing,
and Natural Gas Engineering, EPT International has the program to suit your needs.

  • EPT International  Oil and Natural Gas Courses

  • EPT International  Oil and Natural Gas Courses

  • EPT International Oil and Gas Courses

Intellectual capital is one of the most important assets a company can choose to develop. In today’s cut-throat business environment, highly trained employees can make the difference between mediocrity and excellence. EPT International offers courses on integrated production optimization, hydraulic fracturing, and natural gas engineering for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Our training programs equip engineers with sufficient knowledge to oversee field development programs in all types of reservoirs by focusing on conceptual well designs, matrix stimulations, pressure transient test analysis and production data analysis. Our courses can also be tailored to specific fields, data, and developments with complete confidentiality. From Russia to South America and beyond, EPT International has been sharing their expertise with industry professionals by means of focused technical oil and gas courses. We are constantly developing new training programs and updating course materials to reflect the demands of today’s challenging and evolving industry.


Integrated Production Optimization puts the focus on the well. Optimized well performance leads to improved reservoir management. These go hand-in-hand. EPT International offers courses and services that highlight the IPO approach in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
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Hydraulic Fracturing

This course introduces the fundamentals of hydraulic fracturing and basic rock mechanics topics. The main objective of the course is to introduce hydraulic fracturing as a stimulation technique aimed at enhancing production in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
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Natural Gas Engineering

This course provides a comprehensive training on natural gas and challenges related to the natural gas industry. It covers the most relevant topics that pertain to natural gas properties, production, treatment, transportation, and storage techniques in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
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Our conventional and unconventional oil and gas courses are taught here in Houston, TX at our main office with regular frequency, and by request, on location almost anywhere in the world. Please check our calendar for any course updates, or contact us for further information about scheduling. Please note, our course materials are updated frequently based on industry developments and can easily be adapted to suit your specific needs or required topics.

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