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Over the past 18 years, EPT International (formerly Dr. Michael J. Economides Consultants, Inc.) has worked around the world on both large and small projects, delivering cutting-edge training courses, project technical advice, and fracturing and completion design recommendations.

The following list is a sample of EPT International’s past oil and gas consulting projects


Petro-King, China
• Technical retainer
• Development of hydraulic fracturing and well stimulation services.
• Training, mentoring, technical solution development for technical personnel
• Fracture designs for the Niutitang Shale

Sinopec, China
• Exclusive technical advisor for shale gas development throughout China
• Cooperative agreement to provide advice, supervision, engineering and economic analysis in developing the company’s shale resources throughout China
• Develop Unified Fracturing Design optimized acid fracturing application for the Xingjiang province
• Engineering and economic analysis for hydraulically fractured horizontal development of tight oil field in North-East China (Sinopec – Urumqi Field).
• Initiate and support a project under the frame of the Research Institute of Sinopec.

• Undertake and present studies in China for several Bohai Bay offshore reservoirs
• Well and reservoir evaluation
• Production enhancement design
• Hydraulic fracture design
• Production Optimization
• Conducted training,
• Developed fracturing and acidizing software,
• Assist and advise design of fracture stimulation boat.

Santos, Australia
• Technical retainer
• CBM development advice for Bowen/Surat Basin, Queensland, Australia
• Hydraulic fracturing design advice
• Production enhancement advice
• Public relations advice for environmental compliance and operations
• Wellbore failure analysis including geological model.
• Performed a complete engineering and NPV for the development via hydraulically fracturing horizontal and vertical wells of a coal-bed methane field(s)

PetroChina, China
• Advanced log and seismic integration for high-resolution reservoir characterization and thin-bed imaging

Great Wall drilling company, China
• Horizontal multiple fracture well design advice


RusPetro, Russia
• Technical advisor for production enhancement campaign in tight oil reservoirs
• Fracture designs, mini-frac/FCT interpretations and post-treatment analyses
• Performed a complete engineering and economic analysis for hydraulically fractured horizontal well development for gas condensate
• Redesign of development strategy based on the well test analysis, production analysis and post fracture analysis aimed at minimizing water cut and increasing production

Yukos, Russia
• Senior Technical Advisor (STA) for Russia’s then largest oil company
• Principal provider of petroleum engineering technology
• Instrumental in developing the company’s technological posture
• Increases production from around 1 million barrels per day to almost 2 million in first year of STA contract
• Advise massive optimization campaign with thousands of hydraulic fracturing treatments
• Train personnel and develop procedures for well work overs and productivity evaluation

Sibneft, Russia
• Advise and evaluate production technologies for Russia’s fourth largest oil company
• Provide design, production enhancement and evaluation of hundreds of Siberian oil wells
• Develop worldwide fracture design manual and procedures

ENI, Italy, Algeria and Pakistan
• Worldwide Advisor on production enhancement
• Design and field execution of acid treatments
• Fracture calibration tests and main hydraulic fracturing
• Training and petroleum engineering course provider with emphasis on hydraulic fracturing in tight sands and shale gas reservoirs

PKN Orlen, Poland
• Technical advisor for shale gas development


Cadre Proppants, USA
• Technical retainer
• Develop new applications of proppants for hydraulic fracturing
• Train personnel, provide mentoring and develop technical solutions and publications
• Fracture designs done for the Barnett shale and the Eagle Ford formations in Texas

El Paso Corporation, USA
• Technical retainer
• Strategy advisor

Pancanadian Petroleum Company
• Hydraulically fractured horizontal well performance evaluation

PDVSA, Venezuela
• Senior advisor to the Director, Nationwide Production Technologies

PDVSA, Venezuela
• Field studies from both Eastern Venezuela and Lake Maracaibo regions. [managed for Schlumberger]

Tecpetrol, Venezuela
• Mito Juan/Colon shale exploration well prospect evaluations from pressure transient tests, formation logs and seismic data. [managed study for Schlumberger]

Peres Companc, Bolivia
• Exploration well prospect evaluations from pressure transient tests, formation logs and seismic data. [managed study for Schlumberger]

Ecopetrol, Colombia
• Integrated reservoir characterization studies. [managed for Schlumberger]

Sincor, Venezuela
• Well performance evaluation from pressure transient tests in horizontal heavy oil wells.

Petrobras, Peru
• Provide hydraulic fracturing study for mature field development

Tecpetrol, Argentina
• Design assistance for horizontal well development project

Mosbacher Energy, Venezuela
• Application of horizontal well techniques for the development of the re-activated Las Mercedes Field in Venezuela.

Other clients receiving advisory/training

MB Petroleum Services (Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates)
• Advisor for the introduction of hydraulic fracturing

Halliburton Energy Services
• Main worldwide trainer/instructor on horizontal wells and hydraulic fracturing
• Large-scope project for the evaluation of companywide technology

Shell International
• Worldwide consultant on critical well delivery

PDO (Shell), Oman
• Advisor on well breakthrough technologies, advanced multilateral well applications

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