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Economides Petroleum Technology International

A Leading Petroleum Consultancy

EPT International is a petroleum engineering firm that provides project solutions and training courses for the oil and gas industry. With a proven track record throughout decades of experience using the principles of reservoir and production engineering, we are experts in providing solutions to most major challenges affecting your assets.

Presenting a wide range of expertise including, but not limited to hydraulic fracturing, pressure transient analysis, well performance analysis, and production optimization, our consulting experts have contributed to the technical community and the industry particularly in areas of hydraulic fracturing (Unified Fracture Design methodology) and well testing. Our petroleum consultancy boasts of a distinct philosophy of maximizing productivity while optimizing operational factors and designs, always with the focus of increasing profitability.

Our experience applies to any stage during the life of the reservoir, from appraisal to abandonment, offering evaluation, analysis, and recommendations of solutions for challenges your reservoir may face. Our portfolio of experience covers both conventional and unconventional reservoir types globally. And with our continuous success, we are an engineering consulting company providing services to national oil companies, multinational operators, independent companies, service companies, institutions, and governments.

Leaders in Petroleum Engineering Training

Our oil and gas firm offers training services to petroleum engineers and professionals working in the oil and gas industry. Our team of instructors are leaders in the industry for areas related to hydraulic fracturing design with pre and post fracturing analysis, pressure transient analysis, production enhancement, and natural gas engineering.

We provide in-house and on-site petroleum engineering workshops on related oil and gas topics centered on an integrated approach with courses that are structured based on different levels of skills and experience and are laced with field examples to demonstrate concepts and show how reservoir and production principles reveal solutions. The training will impact the participants’ perspective on productivity maximization of any type of hydrocarbon reservoir by operation and design optimization. With the experience and knowledge sets that EPT International possesses, course participants are guaranteed to gain knowledge and understanding of concepts to make them well-equipped in their field of expertise.

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