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Formerly known as Dr. Michael J. Economides Consultants, Inc., EPT International is an oil and gas consulting company with offices in Houston, TX, Nicosia (Cyprus), and Beijing (China). Now, led by Dr. Christine A. Ehlig-Economides and Alexander M. Economides, the EPT International team is comprised of a number of well-published, and experienced engineers. We specialize in stimulation treatments for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs (such as shale gas, shale oil, coal bed methane, oil shale, and tight sands). We can provide conceptual well designs, or entire field development programs, including but not limited to hydraulic fracturing treatment designs, matrix stimulations, pressure transient tests and production data analysis, and well performance evaluations. We can also help optimize drilling programs and completion strategies. We offer courses on integrated production optimization, hydraulic fracturing, and natural gas engineering.

EPT International’s Flagship Products

Integrated Production Optimization (IPO) – Shale

EPT International Hydraulic Fracturing Services

Hydraulic Fracturing Design and Execution


With programs ranging from Integrated Production Optimization to Natural Gas Engineering, EPT International offers a course to suit your needs. Aimed at employees in the E&P industry of any experience level, our courses can vary in duration and are easily tailored to your specifics if necessary.

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Consulting Services

EPT International can bring swift project resolution or critical information to your desktop. EPT International engineers have a proven track record throughout years of experience working with international operators, national oil companies, services companies, institutions and governments.

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Past Projects

Over the past 18 years, EPT International (formerly Dr. Michael J. Economides Consultants, Inc.) has worked around the world on both large and small projects, delivering cutting-edge training courses, project technical advice, and fracturing and completion design recommendations.

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